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I feel so bad for John Watson.

Like, the guy probably had a rough childhood and he’s not close to anyone in his family. He’s probably a closeted bisexual who enlisted himself in the army where had an apparently tragically ending affair there, and then ended up getting shot and nearly died. He then came back to the city alone and depressed as well as suicidal, sporting a physical wound and a psychosomatic one. Then he met this guy who he instantly clicked with and became his best friend. He started pining and getting jealous over him, but thought it was all one-sided. And then, said pined for best friend went and jumped off a building in front of him. He loved him, and he was lost in the world without him. He basically walked around like a widower for two years, lying to himself that he had moved on, and he rushes into a relationship though he knows it’s not right, and ends up about to propose to someone else when it turns out his best friend had lied to him and was alive after all. Right as all of his confused feelings are happening, he gets drugged, kidnapped, and nearly set on fire. Then when he forgives him (because of course he forgives him, he needs him like a drug) and things settle down he’s happy for the briefest moment, thinking he has everything he’s ever wanted. But it can’t last. Tthe man he had an affair with in the army nearly killed himself after his wedding. To top all of that off, at the end of his wedding night, he realized the love was never one-sided with his best friend, but he had just gotten married and his wife was pregnant so there was nothing to be done. After one month of marriage he’s already aching to get out and dreaming of his best friend, who hasn’t contacted him in a month. Then surprise, he’s on drugs supposedly moving on and in a relationship. Then that night, his best friend is shot and nearly dead for real this time. Not even having enough time to process this, it’s a week later he finds out his new wife he’s bickering and unhappy with is the one who did it and that she’s been lying to him the whole time. Then his best friend becomes a murderer in front of his eyes, killing a man to protect him and almost flies off to his death for the third and final time.

And even though the plane turns around, he’s already hurting, and S4 is coming and begging for a Three Garridebs scene so on top of that he’s probably going to be critically injured and on the brink of death, and, who knows, the baby probably isn’t even his.

I just…

Someone help this man.

Anonymous said: What if John learns that Sherlock is in love with him because he overhears Mary and Sherlock talking about it? She mocks Sherlock, or threatens him again because it doesn't matter if he's in love with John, John choose her. Oh, wait, what if she thinks that Sherlock confessed his love on the tarmac and John rejected him and went back to her? So she assumes John knows and talks openly about it?

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